Work in Progress: Water Treatment for Bottled Water Supplier

One of our current projects comprise of the design, manufacturing, and commissioning of a turnkey water treatment system for an existing client, a local bottled water supplier.

Bottled water

At WPS, we have been tasked with the design, manufacture and installment of a custom borehole water treatment system for a bottled water supplier in the Western Cape. Having completed the design, our team is currently busy manufacturing the water treatment system.

The company is an existing client that currently has two of our custom water treatment systems in use at their water bottling facility.

However, they are in need of increased capacity at their facility due to an increased demand of their products. They require a large volume of high-quality drinking water, but lack a source of water that can provide this volume.

Although they have a borehole on their premises, they cannot use the borehole water because of its brackish nature.

This obstacle gave rise to a need for purification of the groundwater from their on-site borehole.

In response, the company requested another custom-made water treatment system from us to treat the water up to drinkable standard.

Design of Water Treatment System for Bottled Water Supplier

Based on the water analysis provided, we deduced that the main points of concern regarding the water quality was:

  • Conductivity/total dissolved solids
  • Total suspended solids
  • Turbidity
  • Hardness
  • Total organic content
  • High levels of ammonia, iron, manganese, and sulphide

With these factors in mind, we designed a water treatment system that would address all these concerns and deliver high quality drinking water. The proposed design incorporated pre-treatment, filtration, and reverse osmosis (RO).

Our designs are drawn by Christ, our technical draftsman, using a computer program. He creates a 3D render of the water treatment system, featuring the equipment that is to be built into the system.

See a breakdown of the different stages of water treatment as per the design:

Pre-treatment: This stage comprises of oxidation, and will enable the efficient removal of dissolved metals, organics, and microbial content.

Filtration: Granular activated carbon is used to absorb dissolved constituents such as organics and residual chlorine. Cartridge filtration is incorporated to protect the RO membranes against suspended particles.

Reverse osmosis (RO): RO technology is used for the removal of dissolved ionic species in order to achieve the required final product water quality that the bottled water company requires. Anti-scalant dosing will protect the RO membranes against scaling.

Manufacture of Water Treatment Plant for Bottled Water Supplier

Having finalized the design of the water treatment system, we are now proceeding with the next phase: Manufacture. During this phase, our technicians assemble the water treatment system in accordance with the design.

Technicians in front of a water treatment system for bottled water company

Once the manufacturing phase is completed, our next steps would be the following: Perform factory testing of the water treatment system, have it delivered to the client’s site, and finally install and commission it.

At WPS we design, manufacture and install water treatment systems for clients in the agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors. Contact us to learn more about our water related solutions.

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