Water Disinfection via the Juno Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Generating chlorine dioxide for water disinfection using a Juno generator from Acumen Group offers a safe, environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine disinfection.

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is ideal for water disinfection for potable consumption; food and beverage applications involving water for washing and as an ingredient; and industrial water circuits for bacterial, slime and biofilm control.

Read on to find out what exactly ClO2 is and how it compares with other disinfectants.

Chlorine Dioxide

ClO2 is a yellowish gas with a chlorine-like odour. Although the names state that there is “chlorine” in chlorine dioxide, the chlorine (Cl) compound is in actual fact neutral.

Chlorine dioxide behaves very differently to is elementary cousin chlorine. It has 5 electrons which makes it a very strong molecule, however small the molecule chlorine dioxide can be considered volatile.

ClO2 is an effective and powerful disinfectant. It is capable of inactivating bacteria and viruses, spores and moulds.

The diagrams below illustrate the strength of ClO2 in comparison to other disinfectants:

Comparison of Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorine

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2 )has a much larger concentration available for disinfection than chlorine (Cl2).

Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorine Effectiveness in Seawater at pH 8,2

This graph shows that 1 mg of ClO2 eliminates 100% of organisms in 30 seconds, while Cl2 does not.

Dissociations of Hypochlorous Acid, Hypobromous Acid and Chlorine Dioxide versus pH

ClO2 is more stable at elevated pH values than hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and hypobromous acid (HOBr), making it more effective for disinfection purposes.

Chlorine dioxide generation is a method used to introduce ClO2 to a water treatment system. The ClO2 generator of choice over at WPS is the Juno Chlorine Dioxide Generator. The next section explains why.

Juno Chlorine Dioxide Generator

The Juno Chlorine Dioxide Generator, locally manufactured by Acumen Group in Centurion, is an affordable unit that generates chlorine dioxide for disinfection and other water treatment applications.

It is the ideal chlorine dioxide generator for process applications that need intelligent dosing: Affordable, safe, and efficient.

It encompasses a programmable logic controller (PLC) with online monitoring and numerous safety components. It is this management of the chlorine dioxide molecule, the concentrations, and dosage with feedback that empowers users to achieve the results they require.

Water Purification Solutions manufactures robust and reliable water treatment systems incorporating water disinfection via ClO2 generation. Talk to us to learn more.

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