What is Filtration?

Filtration is the process in which solid particles are removed by the use of a filter medium. This filtration media permits the liquid to pass through but retains the solid particles. Filtration is often the first stage within the water treatment system as it is able to remove most, if not all impurities. Filtration methods that WPS specializes in include Ultrafiltration, Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), Glass Filter Media (GFM), Katalox, Disc Filters, Bag Filters and Cartridge Filters.

Why Filtration is Important?

• Removal of impurities such as dirt, chemicals minerals, bacteria, etc which may cause illness.
• Prevent stains on walls, sediment in appliances, damage to the plants etc.
• Removal of Iron and other minerals that may cause drinking water to taste metallic or look discoloured.
• Lower equipment maintenance costs
• Prevent clogging of pipes and reduction in water pressure thereby increasing the energy required to pump the water.
• Protect and improve efficiency of other water treatment systems such as Reverse Osmosis and Disinfection units.
• Consistent water quality in comparison to Municipal

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