Revolutionizing Water Treatment in the Hospitality Sector in Kenya.

In today’s world, clean and safe water is a precious resource, and Water Purification Solutions is at the forefront of providing advanced water treatment technologies. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Water Purification Solutions is transforming the water purification and supply industry. In this blog, we will explore how Water Purification Solutions has made a significant impact in the hospitality sector, with a specific focus on treating high concentration brackish water with one of their esteemed clients, Ocean Sports Resort, situated in Kenya.

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Introducing Ocean Sports Resort

Nestled amidst the captivating landscapes of Kenya, Ocean Sports Resort, a winner of traveler awards from TripAdvisor and World Travel Awards, stands as an esteemed destination for travelers seeking an unforgettable experience. With pristine beaches and enchanting marine life, the resort attracts visitors from around the globe. However, ensuring a reliable supply of clean and safe water in remote locations can be challenging due to multiple factors including limited infrastructure and supply from local government. This is where Water Purification Solutions steps in.

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Introducing Water Purification Solutions

Water Purification Solutions has established its expertise in Africa by addressing the unique water treatment needs of the region. Leveraging their knowledge and experience of more than 120 years, they have successfully implemented cutting-edge technologies to provide sustainable water solutions, especially when there is no alternative solution other than water treatment. Their partnership with Ocean Sports Resort exemplifies their commitment to delivering high-quality water purification systems across the continent.

Water Purification Solutions' Capabilities used for Ocean Sports Resort

Media Filtration: Clean Water For All

Water Purification Solutions utilizes state-of-the-art media filtration technology to remove impurities and suspended particles from the water supply. By employing advanced filtration media, they ensure that the water delivered to Ocean Sports Resort meets the highest quality standards, providing guests with a safe and refreshing experience.

High Pressure Reverse Osmosis Technology: Purity at Its Best

One of the core technologies employed by Water Purification Solutions is high-pressure reverse osmosis. This process involves forcing water through a semi-permeable membrane, effectively removing contaminants, salts, and other dissolved solids. Ocean Sports Resort required desalination water treatment for their high salinity specific water.

By utilizing this advanced technology from Water Purification Solutions, Ocean Sports Resort could guarantee the production of pure and refreshing water for their resort and guests where water is needed in multiple areas such as potable water supply including shower water, ablution facilities, laundry, pool water, guest entertainment, restaurant facilities, landscape & irrigation, and for staff requirements who live on site.

Chemistry and Disinfection: Water Hygiene Assurance 

Water Purification Solutions understands the importance of maintaining water hygiene in the hospitality sector. Their expertise in water chemistry and disinfection ensures that the water supply remains free from harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Through comprehensive disinfection of processes, the company ensures that every drop of water at Oceans Sports Resort is safe for consumption. 

Water Purification Solutions’ knowledge, expertise and customer consideration were further demonstrated by their understanding of mitigating onsite maintenance and servicing at Ocean Sports Resort by ensuring the PH, Alkalinity, and hardness of the treated water were considered in the design and processes of the water treatment plant.

Accessory Offerings for Seamless Operations:

Water Purification Solutions goes beyond technology to provide a range of accessories that optimize water treatment operations at Ocean Sports Resort.

Their modular plant room solution enabled efficient installation, and allows for easy expansion of the water treatment plant in future.

With remote access, monitoring, and control systems, the resort can efficiently manage, monitor, and pro-actively maintain their water treatment processes.

Water storage and pumping solutions ensure a continuous and reliable water supply, even during peak demand periods.

The water treatment system can be designed to operate on three different power inputs: Grid-tied, solar powered, and as a last resort a backup generator power supply to ensure uninterrupted water treatment operations.


Water Purification Solutions is revolutionizing water treatment in the hospitality sector, providing innovative and sustainable solutions. Through their collaboration with Ocean Sports Resort, they have demonstrated their capabilities in addressing the unique water challenges faced by the industry. By combining advanced technologies, expertise in water chemistry, and supplying a range of accessories, Water Purification Solutions ensures that guests at Ocean Sports Resort can enjoy clean, safe, and refreshing water throughout their stay. 

With their commitment to excellence, Water Purification Solutions continues to make a significant impact in transforming water treatment practices in Africa and beyond.

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