Purifying an Estate’s Borehole Water using Reverse Osmosis

We gave an exclusive estate in Franschhoek access to an alternative water source by producing a reverse osmosis system that purifies the contaminated borehole water, making it safe for use.

An exclusive estate in Franschhoek encompassing a boutique hotel, winery and wellness spa sought to make use of an alternative water source for their operations. Although they had a borehole, the water it delivered could not be used because it contained high levels of: Iron, total organic carbon, biological content, and mineral content.

To address this issue, we designed a complete water treatment system to purify the borehole water to make it suitable for various potable applications. It delivered a total of 40 000 ℓ/day of clean water.

The fully-automated system incorporated oxidation, media filtration, bag filtration, de-chlorination, anti-scalant dosing, reverse osmosis, pH and alkalinity adjustment, and disinfection.

Reverse Osmosis Stage

In this project, RO technology is used for the removal of dissolved ionic species in order to achieve the final product water quality required to run the estate effectively.

The purified water is used for the following:

  • Potable water

  • Heating

  • Leisure (spa)

  • Cellar operations

The RO treatment system was designed at water recovery of 70% to ensure the required specification for optimal water production and adherence to stringent water quality standards.

What’s more, the RO system was fitted with a clean-in-place (CIP) tank. This enables the operator to clean the membranes rather than replacing them: When the operator shuts down the system, the CIP tank automatically performs a permeate flush, removing concentrate salt solution from the membranes.

This automatic cleaning process increases the longevity of the membrane elements.

The same configuration can be used to perform a manual chemical clean, if required, in order to keep the membranes in optimal condition, lengthening their service life.

Get in touch with our water treatment specialists at WPS if you too are interested in investing in reverse osmosis at your estate or premises.

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