PrimeLab 2.0: The New Generation of Photometers

The PrimeLab 2.0 multitest photometer, brought to you by Acumen Group, is the new generation of photometers, featuring highly accurate readings, a large HD touch display, and powerful software.

We are excited to announce that Water Purification Solutions will soon be able to offer our clients the innovative PrimeLab 2.0 photometer. This brand new version of the popular PrimeLab series is guaranteed to make the process of water testing a lot smoother. Here are some of its features:


18-Wavelength Sensor Technology

While normal photometers perform tests on one selected wavelength only, the PrimeLab 2.0 receives data from 18 different wavelengths in parallel with each measurement, covering the key parts of UV and IR sections of the spectrum and the full VIS range.

More than 140 Parameters

The PrimeLab 2.0 offers water testing solutions for many different industries, testing almost every parameter, from Ammonia to Iron to Zinc.

Plus, the unit has a probe connection for testing pH, EC, TDS, ORP and temperature.

User-defined Parameters

Furthermore, it can be configured to measure user-defined parameters. The user can choose and activate only those parameter-methods needed, having the option to activate more parameters at any later stage by entering a code on the software or app and downloading it via WiFi, USB 3.0 or Bluetooth 4.2.


The equipment is self-calibrating and allows the download of factory calibration certificates through the application. The basic kit must be complemented with at least one method and its corresponding reagents in order to function correctly.

The Ultimate Photometer for Connectivity

Real-time availability of reliable test results plus data management are as important as the test results itself.

Bluetooth, WiFi, USB (Type C) and GSM (via USB-modem) are available as multiple options to connect the PrimeLab 2.0 with a smartphone, tablet or computer. Testing data can be saved on the cloud for accessibility on the dedicated software, LabCOM, via PC or mobile.

Wherever the tests are performed, whether in a lab, on site or on a ship, cooling tower – in fact anywhere – data can easily and automatically be transferred.

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