Minimising Losses in the Metal Industry with Disc Filtration

AZUD, our technical partner in Spain, recently helped a metal manufacturer minimise high value material losses using the Helix AA DLP disc filter.

Project Information

  • Valuable particle recovery
  • Total flow: 15 m³/h
  • Filtration degree: 5 micron
  • Solution: AZUD Helix Automatic FT200 AA DLP disc filter

About the Project

Are you in the metal industry? Then you must agree that it is key to minimise high value material losses during manipulation and transformation into value added products.

When metal pieces are being processed, there are usually many metal shavings that are lost in the process. But fortunately, these can be recovered by installing a filtration system in the water circuits.

In this particular AZUD project, they supplied a self-cleaning AZUD Helix Automatic disc filter disc filter at a filtration rate of 5 micron that features their exclusive air-assisted backwashing function.

The low filtration degree helped to trap most of the particles, which were easily removed from the filtering media by the air assisted backwash. These valuable particles can be found in the bag filter and recovered for reuse.

The company did not only recover valuable particles, but they also reduced their carbon footprint.


  • Exclusive air assisted backwash for an effective cleaning and a higher recovery of valuable particles
  • High particle recovery capacity, decreasing environmental impact
  • Low filtration degree to retain most part of the total particles amount

At Water Purification Solutions, we are fully qualified to equip you with these air assisted disc filters. Contact us if you would like to learn more about these filters.

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