Juno Fumigation Packs: 123 Virus Free

Now more than ever we need to keep ourselves and those around us safe. This time it is the unseen that is the most dangerous. How do we fight and overcome something invisible? We do this by using something that is invincible.

The Juno Fumigation Pack is the most cost-effective and convenient alternative to conventional fogging and disinfection. It disinfects small to medium areas such as vehicles, restrooms, classrooms, and offices by releasing a chlorine dioxide gas – a method that is widely considered to be the best way of decontamination.

Chlorine dioxide works by penetrating the cell wall of the microorganism and disrupting the pathogen’s metabolic functions, thus immediately and permanently eliminating the problem at its source.

The Juno Fumigation Packs have the ability to reach and kill all organisms/viruses within the space in which they are applied, even those in hard-to-reach areas. The chlorine dioxide gas fills the area into which it is introduced evenly and completely, ensuring that all surfaces receive an equal dosage and equal kill level.

Advantages of Juno Fumigation Packs

  • Safe, portable and easy to use
  • Eliminates all bacteria, viruses, mold and other micro-organisms
  • No residue or post-treatment clean up
  • Non-corrosive at generated levels


Convenient and safe, each pack is made up of two powders (A and B), along with a dissolving solution. Each item is safely wrapped to ensure that none of the items come into contact with each other. Chlorine dioxide will only be generated once powder A and B are thoroughly mixed and the dissolving solution is added, ensuring safety during transport and storage.

The Juno product comes in a variety of pack sizes to suit your needs. For standard disinfection, a 100 ppm dose of ClO2 would be sufficient. However, a higher dose of 200 ppm would be recommended to ensure complete disinfection during high-risk periods such as the coronavirus pandemic.

Pricing Structure

Model Price Per Pack Application
Juno FUM 10 R23.08 PPE sanitation
Juno FUM 25 R35.59 Vehicle fumigation
Juno FUM 50 R56.46 Small room and cubicle fumigation
Juno FUM 100 R98.87 Office and restroom fumigation
Juno FUM 200 R193.34 Open plan office and larger facility fumigation

Watch this video for more information on the Juno products:

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