Improved Industrial Water Filtration with AZUD’s Disc Filter

There is a range of applications of the innovative AZUD Helix Automatic FT200 AA DLP disc filter that enables improved industrial water filtration at large industrial and commercial companies.

AZUD Helix Automatic FT200 AA DLP disc filter

The AZUD Helix Automatic FT200 AA DLP disc filter by leading Spanish manufacturer AZUD is a piece of disc filtration equipment that performs advanced screening in a water filtration system.

This disc filter is composed of 1-10 AZUD Helix Automatic Ø2 filters with MG/WS discs, installed in-line. It performs in-depth 3D filtration followed by automatic backwashing.

Its DLP technology enables the sequential low-pressure backwashing of each filter using a combination of filtered water and compressed air stored in an auxiliary tank.

Moreover, the patented AZUD Helix anti-clogging deflector allows for centrifugal separation. This ensures highly reliable water filtration.

The AZUD Helix disc filter is ideal to use as a screen in advanced industrial water filtration systems. This cutting-edge technology can greatly increase productivity and profitability.

Applications of the AZUD Disc Filter

There are various applications of the AZUD Helix filter that can make a significant impact. However, the main applications where it adds value in terms of the industrial water filtration context are cooling towers, media filter prefiltration, ultrafiltration, and wastewater recycling.

Filtration for Cooling Towers

The AZUD disc filter is designed to provide full protection of cooling towers’ equipment.

It does this by removing suspended solids and other solid materials from the cooling tower’s inflow water. As a result, it prevents biofouling, guaranteeing longer periods of continuous operation, and ensuring longer cycles of concentration.

Media Filter Prefiltration

The AZUD Helix disc filter protects media filters and improves their overall performance significantly.

By removing suspended organic matter, moreover, it also delays filter media replacement and reduces the need for maintenance. As such, the water filtration system can operate for a much longer period of time without having to be interrupted for maintenance purposes.

Ultrafiltration Membrane Prefiltration

In an ultrafiltration system, the disc filter guarantees ultrafiltration (UF) membrane protection.

By extension, it also improves the performance and extends the lifespan of the UF membranes. The ultrafiltration system will deliver higher quality due to improved performance and it will do so for a longer period of time.

Filtration for Wastewater Recycling Systems

The disc filter is especially ideal for difficult water such as industrial wastewater or tertiary treated effluent.

It is an excellent addition to a wastewater recycling plant as it allows for significant water recovery – saving you between 40% and 50% of water.

By decreasing drain water discharge, the wastewater treatment system has a lower environmental impact too.

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