Improve Compliance and Minimise Pollution by Sanitising with ClO2

Tighter regulation and environmental awareness mean operators are seeking alternatives to chlorination of treated wastewater.

While chlorination using gaseous chlorine and hypochlorite has been the default option for wastewater disinfection for many decades, the increasing complexities associated with regulatory compliance mean that most operators are now actively seeking environmentally friendly alternatives.

Chlorine dioxide (CIO2) treatment of wastewater offers a safe, environmentally friendly alternative that is ideally suited for wastewater applications. The unique properties of ClO2 mean that it does not produce toxic chlorinated by-products as a result of the disinfection, and its selective action ensures that it does not react with inert compounds in the same way as peroxides and ozone, thereby drastically reducing the dose rates needed.

ClO2 is able to cope with turbid waters and requires low maintenance – making it an ideal alternative to UV systems. Unlike UV, ClO2 will also remove both H2S odours and the sulphide reducing bacteria that cause odour complaints and corrosion.

ClO2 degrades to harmless salt in wastewater networks, making it an ideal environmentally friendly alternative.

Water Purification Solutions manufactures robust and reliable water treatment systems incorporating ClO2 disinfection that are ideally suited for wastewater treatment and odour control applications. Talk to us to learn more.

Source: Scotmas

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