Case Study: Empowering Sustainable Agriculture Through Modularized Water Treatment Solutions

Water Treatment

In response to the pressing need for sustainable irrigation solutions within South Africa’s agricultural sector, our client, a division of the South African government tasked with crop inspection and quarantine, embarked on a strategic project. Facing challenges related to high fluoride levels and sodium absorption ratio (SAR) in their borehole water, the objective was clear:

Desalination Water Treatment Explained

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of desalination, and more specifically reverse osmosis desalination, exploring its significance, applications, cost drivers, challenges, and the sustainable practices that are driving and developing this technology.

Revolutionizing Water Treatment in the Hospitality Sector in Kenya.

Water Treatment in Hospitality.

In today’s world, clean and safe water is a precious resource, and Water Purification Solutions is at the forefront of providing advanced water treatment technologies. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Water Purification Solutions is transforming the water purification and supply industry.

Safeguarding Public Health: The Role of Water Treatment in Preventing Waterborne Diseases.

Recent cholera outbreaks in several provinces of South Africa have highlighted the critical importance of effective water treatment in preventing the spread of waterborne diseases. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of water treatment in combating waterborne diseases like the cholera outbreak we have seen recently and discuss various solutions that can safeguard public health.

Stage 6 load shedding leads to low quality water at local municipality in Western Cape

Breede Valley low quality water

Breede Valley Municipality low quality water In light of Stage 6 load shedding, the Breede Valley Municipality has advised people to boil their water as a result of possible contamination. A municipal warning states that “higher phases of load shedding have negatively impacted water and waste-water treatment.” Residents have been informed by the municipality that


Water reuse and reclamation, clean water, water filtration, wastewater reuse

Wastewater reuse 101: An eye-opening perspective on the key benefits Let’s break it down – reusing water, often referred to as recycling water or reclamation, is a process that recovers water from a number of sources, treats it, and then uses it for industrial activities, environmental restoration, potable water supply, agriculture and irrigation, and groundwater