Affordable Water Testing Equipment for Water Analysis

In collaboration with Acumen Group, we now offer a wide range of affordable water testing equipment and instrumentation for in-house and field water testing applications.

Acumen Group is a chemical company in Centurion that provides various chemicals and process equipment to the water treatment, food and beverage, chemical, and mining industries. They import leading process equipment, including lab testing instrumentation, from all over the world. This ensures availability of high-quality process equipment at affordable prices.

Here is a selection of innovative water testing equipment that we find particularly useful for water testing and monitoring:

T-Heng Economical Rugged Series

T-Heng’s economical rugged series is a range of cost-effective water meters that have been designed and tested to ensure accurate, reliable water quality measurement under any conditions. They incorporate probe/electrode connections.

Some of the versions available are pH/temp.; pH/ORP/temp.; and EC/TDS/temp.

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Water-ID Electronic Meter

Water-ID’s pen-type electronic meters offer a professional way to measure various water values, for example conductivity, salinity, and pH. The established value is displayed on the device within seconds after dipping the device in sample liquid. The working range of the meter is between 0-50°C.

Some of the versions available are pH; TDS/EC; pH/ORP; and DO/O2/temp.

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