A Guide to Renting a Water Treatment System

Did you know that renting a packaged water treatment system is an option?

Water treatment is a costly investment. We realise the risks involved in purchasing a water treatment system and have found a viable solution that gives you the opportunity to check the feasibility of investing a full-scale water treatment plant: Rental of water treatment systems.

The rising cost of purchasing equipment and an unpredictable market are two factors that have forced companies to find ways to reduce their exposure to risk. In many instances, trialing a system has become a viable option, providing the opportunity to make right decision and, in extension, save costs and time.

Before you purchase a system, renting gives you the option to try before you buy. This means you can perform your own tests, at your own pace, in your own facility. You will then be able to ensure the process and equipment delivers to your needs and expectations.

Moreover, your rental experience will give you firsthand knowledge about us as the manufacturer and service provider, so that you can determine from your own interactions how our customer service and technical support measures up. Trials like these give you the ability to make informed decisions on the machinery and the people you work with on future projects.

How Does It Work?

First of all, we identify your requirements in a water treatment system. This is done by having a consultation with you.

Next, we design the process and select the equipment that will fulfill your particular water-related needs.

In the commissioning phase, we install your rental system on-site and run it to ensure it works properly. We also give you and your relevant staff training on the system and the operation thereof in order to upskill you in water treatment.

Thereafter, the automated water treatment system works autonomously for the period agreed upon, be it one week or two months.

The final step is to evaluate the water treatment system’s performance. We do this by considering the operational data obtained from you as the client and ourselves.

Solutions to Common Water Problems

Our rental systems offer effective solutions to common problems associated with water. These problems include, but are not limited to, brackish water, hard water, cloudy water, strange tastes and odours in water, iron and manganese, staining, and bacteria and viruses.


  • Brackish water: Groundwater is often described as “brackish” because it contains a large quantity of sodium and metals.

  • Hard water: Hard water contains high levels of dissolved calcium and magnesium, causing corrosion and shortening water-using appliances’ lives.

  • Cloudy water: Cloudy, murky or greyish water is usually caused by dissolved or suspended solids. This is also known as “turbidity”.

  • Tastes and odours: Water tasting or smelling funny often points to excessive levels of harmful compounds like hydrogen sulfide.

  • Staining: If water has a low pH, you can see the tell-tale blue-green stains. These stains are most noticeable on white surfaces with which your water comes in contact.

  • Iron and manganese in water: High levels of metals such as iron and manganese can cause a metallic taste, damage water-using appliances, and cause rusty-orange or black staining.

  • Bacteria and viruses: The presence of microbial pathogens in water, such as bacteria and viruses, can frequently cause illnesses.


  • Filtration: The mechanical or physical process used to separate solids from water with the aid of an interposing medium (filter).

  • Reverse osmosis: The removal of impurities and minerals from water by forcing a concentrated solution, such as salt water, through a semipermeable membrane.

  • Disinfection: The removal or deactivation of harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses using either ultraviolet radiation or chemical dosing.

  • pH Correction: The process of addressing the corrosive nature of water by introducing water treatment chemicals.

Renting a packaged water treatment system from us is a viable solution to your water-related problems if perceived risks associated purchasing a full-scale water treatment system is daunting. Renting not only gives you the chance to try before you buy but also creates a opportunity to get to know us as service providers. Our rental water treatment units are designed to solve a range of problems, so you’re sure to find exactly what you need in a a water treatment system.

Contact us if you are interested in renting or trialing one of our water treatment systems. We would be happy to rent you a water treatment unit so that you too can experience water treatment first hand.

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