8 Reasons You Should Be Using Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is an incredibly powerful disinfectant – many times more effective than chlorine. It is widely considered as the best way of decontamination. Not only does chlorine dioxide have a wide spectrum of uses, but it’s also economical, and its environmental profile is safer than other choices.

It is a versatile alternative that can be used in many sanitation applications, including pasteurization equipment, heat exchangers, cooling towers, fruit and vegetable disinfection, hard surface disinfecting, potable water treatment, and deodorizing stacks in rendering plants.

Here are 8 reasons you should be using chlorine dioxide:

1. Chlorine dioxide has 2,6 times the oxidizing power of waterborne chlorine (from bleach), giving it a wide spectrum of sanitizing uses and making it extraordinarily effective. Studies have shown that it produces as high as a 6-log reduction.

2. Chlorine dioxide has a much wider pH spectrum than chlorine, making it more versatile and forgiving in a variety of application situations.

3. It is broad-spectrum disinfectant against the Coronavirus, HIV, Hepatitis, E. coli, and Salmonella.

4. Chlorine dioxide has been found to be one of the most effective tools for dispersing biofilms, and in some cases, inhibiting the formation of future biofilms. This function is especially valuable in the small cooling towers of food processing facilities where food product contamination can contribute to heavy films or algal slimes.

5. Chlorine dioxide can be used on food-contact surfaces at diluted concentrations as low as 5 parts-per-million (ppm). In some cases, the compound has demonstrated a rapid kill of bacteria much less than the 30-minute period typically used in disinfection studies. Because it is so powerful in such small amounts, it is also extremely economical.

6. Problem cells have shown little ability to develop resistance to chlorine dioxide, as they can with other sanitizers, making it a consistent tool in the sanitation toolbox.

7. Chlorine dioxide generating systems can be used for odour control, sanitation and water purification applications.

8. Unlike chlorine bleach and bromide, chlorine dioxide donates oxygen, breaking down to water, oxygen, and common table salt. This makes it much less corrosive and a superb environmental choice. It also breaks down quickly, which means it won’t harm the soil or add toxic deposits to the ground.

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