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Steenkampskraal – Rare earth metal mine

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Steenkampskraal Inside2
Steenkampskraal Inside3
Steenkampskraal Offloading1
Steenkampskraal Offloading2
Steenkampskraal Offloading3

Potable water supply is critical to sustain life and industry. Steenkampskraal mine has been established to extract rare earth metals, this however would not be sustainable with the available brackish water supply. The 12m3/hr RO System has been installed to ensure potable water supply to the entire mine.


Accurate Automation – Plating Plant

3000LPH RO 1_603x550
3000LPH RO_584x538

The plating plant industry must adhere to stringent quality standards, this holds true for the water supplied to the process. To ensure a feed water conductivity of less than 15µS a 2.8m3/hr RO was introduced.

Eikenhof Poultry

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BIg tin 055 - Copy
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BIg tin 057 - Copy
BIg tin 062 - Copy
BIg tin 066 - Copy

State of the art egg processing equipment required a feed water conductivity of 600µS to operate at its maximum efficiency. The 3.5m3/hr RO reduces the brackish borehole supply well below the required standard, blending with pre-treated water however the optimum conductivity is achieved.


Prima Box


This large cardboard box manufacturer uses vast amounts of machinery and boilers in their production, most are reliant on water in one form or another. By purifying their borehole water it not only reduces their municipal account but assists in the reduction or routine & breakdown maintenance, both the cost and inconvenience.


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