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Water Purification Solutions are a proud distributor of the Duraflow micro filtration membrane Duraflow is a dynamic global company that has actively served in the environmental pollution prevention field for more than a decade.

6 Tube System

The technical team has over 150 years of combined hands- on experience in chemistry, industrial wastewater treatment, and advanced technologies in microfiltration, reverse osmosis, and water recycling systems. They have years of practical knowledge in the membrane manufacturing and application field and have bought new separation products and chemicals treatment processes to the market for application in pollution control and water recycling.

Duraflow microfiltration (DMF) membrane can filter water and concentrate solids to 2-3% on a continuous 24/7 basis producing filtrate with undetectable suspended solids and a SDI below 2.

Sample 2

This technology is used, in conjunction with the correct pre-treatment, extensively in the removal of metals, hardness, suspended matter, etc from various effluent streams to either improve effluent quality for discharge to municipal sewer, or ideally as feed water to RO in order to recycle water back into the process.


Duraflow Microfiltration applications include:


•Printed Circuit Board

•Battery Manufacturing

•Semiconductor manufacturing

•Steel & other metal productions

•Fossil & Nuclear power plant

•Radioactive wastewater

•Precious metal recovery

•Lime softening

•Pre filtration for surface water RO systems

•Acid Mine Treatment

All metal finishing applications are done in conjunction with Accurate Automation

See the Duraflow Microfiltration in action below:

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